Childbirth Education

Childbirth Education Classes

​​​Our childbirth education classes offer parents an opportunity to learn in a small group setting throughout four sessions. Sessions are flexible and can be scheduled according to the convenience of both the students and the teacher.

Classes are based on the goal of achieving a natural, drug-free pregnancy and childbirth experience. In addition to teaching couples about the labor process and deep relaxation “coping techniques,” students will also gain many other important resources and information covering the topics of prenatal health, diet & exercise, the role of the coach,  variations & interventions, postpartum care of mother and baby, and breastfeeding.


We believe that education and relaxation practice are two of the most important factors in having a safe, healthy, and satisfying birth experience.


​​​Price: $230 

Refresher classes are available to past participants for $150.

We do not want finances to be an issue and are willing to work with couples who are interested in the classes no matter their financial capabilities.


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